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How Can You Help Today? Sign Up to Provide Lunches.

Please sign up to provide lunches for those experiencing homelessness, and you will make a difference in the community. The sign-up calendar for September through December is now online (Google Sheet). Capitol Hill United Ministries (CHUM) and the Women's Homelessness Initiative (WHI) is working with seven beneficiary agencies, including The Delores Project, St. Francis Center Outreach, Network Coffee House, Denver Public Library Outreach, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Outreach, Urban Peak and the Regis University Safe Outdoor Space (SOS).

Lunch Site Information


The assigned number of lunches should be delivered to the designated agency by 10:30 a.m. on your assigned day. (Scroll down for lunch instructions and other ideas.)

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) Outreach

2100 Broadway - alley

Denver, CO 80205

The best thing is to park at the head of the alley along Broadway, between Stout and Champa (between the red brick Coalition building at 2100 Broadway and a small brick house at 2120 Broadway). The front door to the building is on Broadway and they should usually have helpers around to unload.

Contact: Grace and Ronae, 303-297-4091


The Delores Project

1290 King St.

Denver, CO 80204

Contact: 303-534-5411

There is a small parking area. Ring the bell at the entry door.

Denver Public Library (DPL) Outreach

10 W. 14th Avenue Parkway

Denver, CO 80204

Main door on east side of library on Broadway

Contact: Kayleigh Gates, 720-865-3442,


Network Coffee House

1402 Pearl St

Denver, CO 80203

Enter on 14th into the  small parking lot. Someone will help unload.

St. Francis Center (SFC) Outreach

2314 Broadway

Denver, CO 80205

Contact: Jim Boberschmidt, 303-472-4924

This location is a little tricky to navigate. There is parking available in the small lot at the “Love This City/Denver” mural, accessible from Arapahoe St.

SFC/Regis University Safe Outdoor Space (SOS)

5085 N Federal Blvd

Denver, CO 80221

Located in Regis University’s parking lot #6, directly behind the McDonald's.

Contact: Ian Stitt, 303-472-4523 (mobile) or  720-731-3348 (24-hour site phone),


Urban Peak

1630 S. Acoma St.

Denver, CO 80223

Contact: Ben Kinghorn, 303-974-2908 or 303-974-2904 

Park in the Urban Peak parking lot, go to the wooden fence, and ring the doorbell. Staff will let you in and take the lunches. 

If for any reason you get no response at your delivery site, call Diana at 303-832-4188 or 303-257-8588, or bring your lunches to another site above or to St. Francis Center at 2323 Curtis.

Lunch suggestions and instructions:

  • Individually, well-wrapped (in plastic) plain cheese sandwiches, lunchmeat and cheese, PB&J (although some have PB&J fatigue), or be creative. Instead of using bread, consider providing wraps.

  • Other items you might want to include: a piece of fruit (not apples as they're hard on teeth) or fruit cups, a snack, like chips, pretzel, nuts, etc., maybe something sweet, a napkin, something to drink.

  • Please place lunches in brown paper bags and mark them to indicate the type of sandwich inside.

  • Make sure you label any food items with garlic, gluten, or meat.

  • Please do not make sandwiches more than two days ahead of time or, according to health advisory, they will be thrown away.

  • The assigned number of lunches should be delivered to the designated agency by 10:30 a.m. on your assigned day.

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